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Benefits of triple threat classes

  • Enhanced communication skills in writing, speaking and collaboration
  • Students learn to project their voice, enunciate their words and speak persuasively
  • Attention and listening skills improve as they learn to cooperate and collaborate with others
  • An opportunity to explore their imagination and demonstrate their creativity 
  • The confidence gained carries over to all aspects of their lives

To find out more about Musical Theatre classes with Newson Academy, please contact Jo Anne on 07956 266124 or email

What is a triple threat?

Performers with the ability to sing, dance and act are known as a 'Triple Threat'. These skills are becoming increasingly popular in the industry. There are so many famous actors, singers and dancers but there are only a few celebrities that excel in all three disciplines. Stars like Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Selena Gomez are all considered triple threat performers.

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