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A place for us to share our thoughts with you and somewhere you can meet

the team and get an insight into what we're doing at The Academy. 

Timetable updates, exam results and class news will also be here.

Our Latest Blog Entry

2 February 2022

Godalming Performing Arts Festival is coming up on Sunday 6th March and we have pupils entered in both the Poetry and Acting classes. 

The Festival  includes Music, Dance, Musical Theatre and Speech & Drama. It has many classes to cater for all ages and all levels of ability. Most classes are competitive, with a mark awarded but there are also have non-competitive classes in most music sections which have no mark awarded. However, all entries receive instant feedback from an experienced professional who will also write a short report on each performance and which is presented at the end of each class.

The Academy has entered this festival since we opened in 2007, along with the Woking Music Festival and Richmond Performing Arts Festival.

Festivals are a great way to experience performing in public and provide really useful feedback which can be built upon in your Academy classes to help you grow both in skill and confidence as a performer.

Both our Principal Jo and our webmaster Viki have competed in many festivals over the years, in various classes and can vouch for both the fun to be had and the experience gained.

Festival entries are not a compulsory part of being a student at The Academy, but we encourage our students to join in for the huge benefits the experience can bring.

Our First Blog Entry

15 January 2022

Winter is upon us. It's cold, it's grey and it's the perfect time to snuggle up with a book or a DVD and shut it all outside!

Over Christmas, our team have been watching some really good movies. Viki, our webmaster, particularly enjoyed 'Encanto', which she watched with her two children aged 3 & 5 years old.

Viki's 5 year old son asked to watch this one and Viki, loving Disney movies, immediately said yes!

Encanto is the story of a family, the Madrigals, living in a village in Colombia.  The animation is gorgeous, full of bright colours and the modern Disney styling we've all come to know and love. Without giving too many spoilers, the whole family all live together in one big house filled with magic and all but one have their own unique magical talents and traits. The movie tells the story of a daughter in the family, Mirabel, trying to solve the mystery of why the house is losing its magic and how she brings the family back together and saves the magic and ultimately, their whole village.

Both Viki's son and daughter were glued to the whole movie, her 3 year old daughter dancing round the living room to the many catchy songs and her son fascinated by the magical talents that some of the characters had. 

We would really recommend this movie, some of the songs are now on our playlist for journeys in the car and are great fun to sing along to!

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